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  • From: "Robert Smith" <rrrsmith@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 22:43:23 -0800

Hello Flor and Chris,

Many many thanks for your solutions to my German language problem.  Flor; your 
step by step,-down arrow twice, right arrow once etc.0 was what enabled me to 
finally reach the proper list.  Since those menus were being read to me in Jaws 
version of German, they were neither G. or E., and I couldn't tell where I was. 
 It took me a half hour just to figure out what your message said.  Chris; your 
short cut is great since it avoids all the above.  Not being able to rid my 
computer of German locked up my machine for a couple of days.

Thanks again,  Bob S.

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  1.  Bring up the JAWS context menu.

  2.  Down-arrow twice, and right-arrow once.

  3.  Down-arrow once, and right-arrow once.  
  You are now in the Synthesizer Language Submenu, from  where you choose your 

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    Subject: changing language situation

    Dear list,

    Sorry the following turned out so long, but do need help!

    Being interested in learning German, I found a couple of web sites that 
look promising.  I thought, though, that before down loading anything I should 
check to see if Jaws would be able to read that language properly when it 
appears on the screen.  I went to Jaws 6 which is on my desktop, entered, which 
brought up the context menu.  I entered on open; found language, and entered, 
found two items:  Jaws language, which as I remember contained American 
English, English, and Spanish.   (sorry this is getting so long)!  closed that, 
and on the previous list found, language synthesizer.  Entered on that, and lo 
and behold found a long list of foreign languages including German.  Entered on 
that dis covered it did a really good job of reading everything in my computer 
with a almost un-understandable German accent; but did a beautiful job with 
some real German I typed in.

    Now the problem.  I couldn't turn off the German talk!!!  I tried 
everything I know-which isn't very much; including reboot, complete turn off.  
German was still there when computer turned back on.  Finally after a couple of 
hours, and an over-night rest and turning on computer again, and some more 
piking around, German disappeared and English Jaws returned.   My question 
finally is, what should I do to close down the use of German and returning to 

    Bob Smith

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