Re: changing font size and font attribute with jaws 8.0.2107 and word2007

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  • Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 23:54:29 -0700

Hi. I'm not sure what this is about with pressing alt tab as if you needed 
to circulate among your open applications. But if I'm in a Word document and 
wish to change the font, here's an example of how I do it, which is 
standard, although I suppose someone knows other methods, as well.

Let's say you have text already on the screen whose font style and font size 
you'd like to change.

First, select the text whose font you wish to change. That could be a word, 
a paragraph, or of course the entire document, and I'll assume you know how 
to select portions of a document or an entire document.

Press control D. This opens the format font dialogue, and the first area you 
land in is for choosing the font style. Either type the font name in the 
edit box (Ariel, Times new Roman, etc.( if you know it, or arrow down the 
long list of available font styles until the one you want is selected.

Now tab once to the field where you choose regular, bold, or italic and 
arrow up or down until the option you want to use is selected.

Now tab once more to the edit field where you choose the font size. You'll 
hear "edit," so you can simply type in 12, for instance, if you want 12 
point font size. You can also arrow up and down until you find the size you 
want, then just leave it selected. Depending on your copy of Jaws, it may 
not speak every step in this list (mine seldom does, from version to 
version), and if that happens, press Say Line (Insert 8) to ascertain which 
number you're on.

At that point, you can press Enter to register all these settings, and the 
format font dialogue goes away, leaving you in n the document again. To 
check whether your changes have taken effect, you can press Insert F to hear 
the font information reported.

Another comment: After the font size choice, if you were to tab repeatedly, 
you'd find yourself going through a fairly long list of seldom-used other 
font attributes. It's no harm to do this once, after choosing the font size, 
just to see what other kinds of settings are available if you cared to use 
them. But all these are more specialized, beyond the ordinary things we 
usually want to set for the font. At the end of all these items, you'll come 
to the OK button and when you press it, again, the changes are made and 
you're out of the dialogue. But if you want to stop right after you set the 
font size, hitting Enter will finish the task. I don't know why Jaws says 
it's not in a dialogue when you press Insert E to see what control the focus 
is on at that point, but in any case, it's on OK if you just press Enter 
after setting the font size.

As I said, there may be other approaches (I mean, other than using the 
Format menu, of course, instead of Control D), but this is how I've always 
done it. Oh, I remember there's always been a tool bar from which you can 
choose Format Font, too, but I haven't used that to launch this dialogue 
ever since I started using Jaws. Control D works just fine.

Hope that helps.

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Subject: Re: changing font size and font attribute with jaws 8.0.2107 and 

Hi Shi,
try to restart your computer. If it doesn't work, try to reinstall your 
JAWS. I hope it helps you.
contact information:
email address:
evangeline.dionisio@xxxxxxxxx or
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  Subject: changing font size and font attribute with jaws 8.0.2107 and 

  Hi, I am trying to change the font to times new roman and the font size to 
12 in word 2007,  but I can't seem to do it.
  I press alt, tab all the way until I hear font: and then it says the font 
that I'm using, but when I press up and down arrow to try to change it 
nothing happens.
  Also, when I tab to the font size option, nothing happens there either and 
the only thing to do is to back space and type in the font size.
  I am using a windows vista machine with jaws 8.0.2107.
  Any help with this would be appreciated.
  Shai Wolman


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