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  • From: "Lorne Webber" <lorneweb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 06:08:16 -0600

Hello List:

I was wondering if any of you could give me a suggestion as to the name of a
good cd dvd cataloging program. I've been using one called Argentum MyFiles, and its
fairly jaws friendly, but its a little too inflexible for what I had in mind.

I have a lot of cd's and dvd's backed up with different files, but with very
similar folder names/hierarchies.
for example, most of them have a root folder that is called files, with 2 sub
folders called work and home.
and under those, there are other subfolders, and so on. every time I need to
back things up, I place the files in a similar folder structure when I burn a
new dvd.

My preference would be for a cataloging program that gives me an exact replica of my file/folder
structure, in an interface that is as close to explorer's as possible. I would
like to then take all my cd's / dvd's and  get this "virtual copy" of their
contents, and then be able to restructure them in whatever way I need to, yet
still having some kind of access to know which dvd/ cd that file came from.
this way, if I have a bunch of files about a certain topic from various dvd's, I can combine them in one "virtual" folder, (keeping in mind each "file" would just be a kind of reference to the original file on a dvd somewhere), and, if I want to know which dvd its on, I should be able to find that out too.

Sorry for the confusing description.
I know I could do roughly what I want just by using a batch script to copy all
the folder/file names into a text file, and doing that for each dvd, but then it
would take forever to copy and paste the hundreds of lines into an organization
I want. I understand vista has a similar capability with its virtual folders when you save your search queries as an xml file, but I'm not familiar enough with it to know if that would do what I'm looking for or not.

If anyone has a suggestion for if such a program exists, or a different
suggestion, then I'd be happy to here what it is.
Sorry for the long winded description, I've searched and searched all over for something like this, but haven't found anything that is what I' looking for, and is jaws friendly too.

Thanks tons for your thoughts.


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