Re: can't copy selected in windows explorer

  • From: "Don Moore" <donmoore@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 21:27:03 -0300

Christopher Hallsworth wrote, in part:

"when I press control+ c or control+ x JAWS doesn't
announce whether something has been copied or cut to the clipboard so I
have to trust that it has." (end of quote)

This is the problem I posted about last week, although, in my case, JAWS does announce those Copy and Cut commands for a while, after re-booting my computer or just unloading JAWS and loading JAWS again.

I have been "through the mill" with this issue, as I did report the "bug" to Freedom Scientific by filling out the report form on their web site. They sent me a long list of instructions for settings, which I implemented, but that didn't help. Then, they told me to completely uninstall JAWS 8, including all shared components, so I did that; I then had to install the latest update, which is j8.0.1177, which can be downloaded from their web site.

After installing that latest update, right from scratch, I had to put in my preferences and settings manually, which I did. As before, JAWS announced those commands for a while, but suddenly, without warning, JAWS stopped announcing those commands. Of course, once I reloaded JAWS, they worked again for a while.

   I am very frustrated with JAWS 8.


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