RE: burning cd's with window media player

  • From: Chip Orange <Corange@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 13:31:53 -0500

You'll need to specify which version, as it's quite different between 9
(which I found easy), and 11.
Assuming it's 11, here's what I'm trying:
use windows explorer and right click each file you want on the cd;
you'll get a context menu, and there will be a choice to add it to the
current play list (or something like that), and it will also start up
windows media player the first time.  Just switch back to windows
explorer, and keep right clicking and adding until your done.
Now, you can switch back to WMP, and find the burn button (using by
tabbing to it), and start the CD burn by clicking it.  There's a menu of
options, but you have to bring them up with 11 by clicking a button
which displays a context burn menu of options.  You make your choices
(such as burn an audio cd), but then I haven't found an easy way to
dismiss this context menu, so I switch away from the WMP window (which
closes any menu), and then switch back.
hope this gets you started,


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        Subject: burning cd's with window media player
        I presently have sonic to burn my CD's but that is not working
very well.  Is there a way to burn a cd with windows media player?  If
yes, can someone give me the keystrokes?  Thanks, Judith

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