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  • Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 05:30:58 -0600

Oops!  Sent my message before I finished it.  I was interrupted while saying
I thought tutor messages could be turned off for any application through the
verbosity options menu.  It doesn't seem to work that way but what do I

I also realise I may have seen the behavior of the cursor getting stuck in
Outlook Express before with WindowEyes.

Pardon me for quoting the whole message below but I want to keep it
Thanks for your comments, Jim.
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From: "Bobcat" <bobcat11@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 2:18 PM
Subject: Re: bug list you want fixed

> I don't have trouble with the control key with WindowEyes so I didn't
> it was the keyboard driver bug I've heard people talk about.
> Itouch keyboards are very popular.  I realise this is a request but the
> that JFW has trouble with keyboard drivers is a serious problem in my
> opinion.
> The cursor appearing not to move in "restored edit boxes" didn't happen
> with WindowEyes.  It doesn't happen often with JFW either.  I didn't even
> notice it with 6.0.
> I don't want to turn off tutor messages in basics as that would turn them
> off globally.  I simply want local control over them which is what I
> you got with
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> From: "jim grimsby" <jimgrims@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> > First:  I have trouble with sticky control key with JFW 6.1.  I have
> > unloaded my Itouch software at start-up but still hear control when I
> > haven't pressed it.
> > This is not a jaws bug but a issue with your keyboard driver and has
> > been a long standing bug with windows keyboard drivers for as long as I
> > can remember.=20
> > Next, the customize list view feature doesn't stick.  JFW has trouble
> > reading lists in Windows Explorer and Outlook Express.  Long file names
> > are truncated with following dots.  The key combination to expand the
> > column "control+ numpad plus" doesn't work in most cases.
> >
> > Next, make the key hook work with Logitech Itouch keyboards.  I can't
> > use my Itouch menu and multimedia keys.  The software conflicts with
> > JAWS.
> > This is not a bug but a feature request. The problem is when you start
> > trying to code for one keyboard or another you run the risk of adding
> > issue to work around with other keyboards.=20
> >
> > JFW sometimes gets stuck in one spot while composing a message in ONE.
> > Maximizing the window fixes this but is an extra step.  screen refresh
> > doesn't help.
> > This is not a jaws bug but the cursor does not appear to move in a
> > restored edit box.  You will find this problem in notepad wordpad and a
> > few others.  As you said maximize the window and the problem  solves it
> > self. =20
> > Turn off those tutor messages when moving from the folder list to the
> > message list in OE.  Even setting verbosity to advanced and modifying
> > advanced level doesn't stop them being announced every time I move from
> > one list to the other.
> > If you do not want to here tuter messages turn them off in the basics
> > dialog.  This will disable them.=20

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