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Hi Ron,

I use WordPress myself, and I've heard it described now and then on blind 
lists as being one of the screen reader friendly ones. But first of all, 
I'll confess that I had a professional Web design guy who's hosting my Web 
site do the design work to build the site using WordPress, because I didn't 
want a simple blog sort of setup. But I have looked around WordPress, and I 
am able to post to my site, edit posts, and all that. My only caveat would 
be that even though most WordPress functions seem to be fairly screen reader 
friendly, and there's documentation and user forums for help, it's an 
awfully cluttered site as far as I'm concerned, using Jaws, and when I've 
tried to look into the documentation I've been very frustrated and confused 
about what's going on within a page or what link leads to what resource, I 
think in  a way a sighted user wouldn't suffer because they'd just see the 
pattern of how page elements were laid out and which ones were repetitious 
globally present page elements and which were the ones he or she was really 
focused on at that moment. But doing it blind can seem like a real maze, or 
did for me. I'd say try it out, though, because you may find it easier than 
I did to get oriented, and the functions you need may not be very difficult 
to avail yourself of

Sorry that sounds so ambivalent, but I hope it helps. Again, I think if 
you're simply setting up a standard blog, and have a limited number of 
design features you wish to manipulate, it might be pretty much nice and 

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    Hi all,

I am wanting to start blogging.  can anyone recommend a good blogging site
that is JFW friendly?


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