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Hmmm, this is one of those that I think people are having trouble with...

32-bit means that a computer can use up to 4 GB of RAM (2 to the power of 32
is about 4 billion). As a comparison, 64-bit allows one to use more than 4
GB of RAM (2 to the 64th power is way more than what computers can handle at
this point).




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 I am by now rather confused about 64 bit and32, and different opinions I
was advised to get 64 bit and as much memory as I could, is it Jaws fault if
the system runs more slowly  one of you mentioned Jaws driver  a friend just
sent in  an email to me saying "my son has gone back  to windows 98 he says
it is faster, his son does not use Jaws,  I was listening to the last night
of the Proms at the same time it was a lovely musical evening I wish you
could have heard it pity Jaws does not sing! Dorothy

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