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Hi Sanjay,

One way of doing this, and this happens to be my preferred method, is:

1.  Open Outlook Express
2.  Go to the menu bar, choose Tools.
3.  Choose Options
4.  Press CTRL+Tab until you hear Jaws say Maintenence Page.
5.  Tab over to the Store Folder button and press Enter.
6.  A dialogue box will appear.  Tab until you reach the edit box.  The box 
will contain a path to where your emails and address book data is stored.  
Select and copy this path to your clipboard (CTRL+C).
6.  Press Escape a few times to get out of the Options screen.
7.  Now open Windows Explorer and Tab until you reach the Address bar.
8.  Paste the pathname you copied a moment ago (CTRL+V) and press Enter.
9.  Now tab until your reach the list view.
10.  All your email and address book data should be displayed.  Simply copy 
everything in this folder and put it somewhere safe, preferably on a CDR or 
some other external form of storage media.
11.  Whenever you need to restore your Outlook Express data, all you have to do 
is copy this information into the same folder.  It can bee a difficult path to 
remember so whenever you need the path again, simply  look at the Store Folder 
again under Tools.

If I get a chance a little bit later, I'll tell you how you can simplify this 
process somewhat by using a Send To command.  But I'm out of time for right 
now.  Hoope this helps.


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  Hi all,

  I need to take a back up of my address book and messages in the inbox and 
other folders in outlook express including deleted  items folder and transfer 
them to another computer. Is it possible? If yes, how can I do it.  
  I am using outlook express 6 and using windows xp pro sp2.


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