Re: avast and Jaws

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  • Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 08:52:10 -0400

?I found out that avast and ABG are the most accessible ones I have tried. Not 
to mention the most secure. I don't switch avast for no other anti-virus. It 
just works. I have the free version and I am thinking of getting the paid 
version. Wich I've heard there are almost if not equally accessible. 

From: Harmony Neil 
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I've just got the free version on here, but it can sometimes be a bit over 
sensitive.  Then again, you can't have everything, so avast is the best one 
I've used. I wouldn't bother with Caspercy though because not screen reader 
friendly at all really.  


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What version? Free or paid?

Did it install a desktop shortcut?

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  Having just had my MCafee subscription run out, I thought I'd try Avast, but 
I find it's not very Jaws accessible, does anybody have any tips for using it 



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