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  • From: "Jim L" <jimscave@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 05:50:17 +0800

Heya Don,
Yeah your right windows messenger is a good last alternative, the only thing
I don't like with it is the ability to change/edit names on the contact list
as some are so long and in chats I don't always wanna here Jim from blah
blah blah says:)
unless you have any help there to avoid or edit the contact list?

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Hi Jim,
    I am using JAWS 11 and the update of Windows Live Messenger and it works
fine. However, I really don't like it as much as the old Windows Messenger,
which still works fine, so I use it instead of Windows Live Messenger most
of the time.
    So, if you still have Windows Messenger, you can use it. If not, I can
send you the setup file if you contact me via private E-mail. My E-mail
address is:
    Hope this helps,

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Heya folks,
As discussed here in previous posts which hasn't seemed to concerned too
many so far you all must have access to Jaws 11. Anyway Us Jaws 8 and 9
users are completely stuck with windowes live messengers update now. Is
there an alternative to windows live messenger? Whats Miranda and e buddy
like with Jaws 8 and 9?

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