RE: advanced help needed with the jaws dictionary manager

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Guys, I've  subscribe  my home e-mail address also to this list, so that
I can post messages from there so in this way you don't have to read
this disclaimer bit all the time because its only my work e-mail ddress
who puts this disclaimer bit  at the top..
But as I need help desperately I have to send this message from my work
address, so I appreciate your patience.
Hi chris 
So if I understand you correctly , its possible for jaws to process
entries from more than one .jdf  file?
Do you know how many files' entries jaws can process at the same time?
So what you are actually saying:
I can have one dictionary file only for typoes, one only for dates
starting with the word,  the,  in front of a  date  such as the 16/01/07
and one only for dates such as 16/01/07.
You said I have to change this in the script source file.
Please could you help me doing this.
Because in dictionary manager there's no way to let jaws use more than
one dictionary file. If I go into the enu folder and I  rename the
internet explorer 5-6.jdf file to something else jaws doesn't recognize
it as the dictionary file used by internet explorer the moment I press
insert+d  and it will then  create a new dictionary file for internet
explorer with that 5 default entries in it.

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You may want to use a separate dictionary for the dates.  You may want
name it something like "dates that are typed backwards" once you do this
open the script source file that you want to use this dictionary and
"use my custom dictionary" I'm assuming that you named your dictionary
custom dictionary.

I hope this helps.

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