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Thanks so much for this tip.  I was totally unaware.  I am formatting a table 
assignment so I will use this method today.  
Thanks again.

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  I have two very simple ways to add color to text.  Press the JAWS key + the 
number 5 key on each word  in the below sentence.  You will hear that I made 
each word a different color. 


  Hello I am going to change colors in this sentence.


  First way:

  Highlight the text for which you want to change colors.

  Press the application/context key (the key to the left of the right control 

  Type F to get to the font menu.  It will open automatically.

  Tab three times to get to the color options. 

  Arrow down a few times and all kinds of color options will be available.  
Arrow up and down  and left and right for the different choices.

  Press enter on your choice.

  Tab to the OK button.  

  Note:  I usually tab backwards, since this dialogue has a lot of options. 

  Pressing the JAWS key + the number 5 will confirm the color change for you. 


  Second way:

  Once you have text with a desired color, simply copy the attributes of that 
text and paste it to the text you want to also have that color. 

  Press CTL + Shift + C to copy only the attributes.

  Go to the other text and press CTL + shift + V to paste.

  This method of copying attributes was posted on this list a short while back. 
 I have used the heck out of it.

  It works for color, bolding, simple changes in font types etc.  It is 


  Now for a caution:  

  Whatever you type after text that has its' color changed will also have that 
same color.

  For example:  the word "sentence" is deep sky blue.  The period that ends the 
sentence is black. 

  Text following the period will be black.  But if you add words after the word 
"sentence", they will be sky blue.



  Barbara Anne


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  Does anyone ever change the color of their text using word 07? I am having 
one heck of a time doing this.

  The problem I am having is for example, i select red and when I go back and 
check the color it says brown!

  For practical reasons, I am trying to create a document with blue, red and 
white text? or green.

  If someone can make sense of this I would appreciate it.


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