a possible solution maybe?

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    I merged my settings from JAWS 5.1 to JAWS 6.  I found that repair of 
JAWS version 6 seems not to be possible because when I click on the 
installation maintenance button, the run time version of JAWS comes up and 
says, "Your 40 minute mode has expired.".  Then, JAWS locks up.  I have to 
reset the machine or else launch JAWS 5.1 to do anything after that.  This 
is what I just sent to their tech support:

"Dear Tracey,
    With regard to the JAWS repair not being possible, I just realize I 
didn't let you know something vitally important.  I merged my JAWS version 6 
the settings I was using in JAWS 5.1.  I have just heard from some members 
on the JFW list that this could well be an issue with the sluggishness I'm 
on the keyboard as well as the fact that when I record audio with Adobe 
Audition 1.0 using JAWS version 6, the audio skips badly, but when using 
JAWS version
5.1 with the same program, the audio does not skip.  Could it be that I 
should just re install JAWS 6 manually configuring all settings by hand and 
copy only my dictionary files to the proper place?
I suspect this might help with the msn issue as well.

Do any of y'all have any thoughts on this?


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