a further word regarding JAWS not announcing contacts on sign in and the apparent solution

  • From: "Ray Foret Jr." <rforetjr@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Freedom Scientific Technical support" <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 05:24:51 -0600

Dear Tracy, You will recall that in my last message to you, I said,  "With 
regard to the technical support request seen below, I have found both the 
source for the problem and the solution for it as well.  it appears that
the merge utility is corrupting some of the functionality of JAWS.  This can 
be seen first in the Windows Messenger issue I first reported; and, with 
also to the repair issue as well.  I would appreciate any further info the 
development team may be able to find and I'd like to see this corrected so 
those who use the merge utility may not have this happen in the future.  I 
just re installed JAWS version 6 (the quella version) and manually 
all the settings by hand copying only the default.jdf files.  I had to 
redirect all the custom program script files to the path:
c:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Freedom 
Scientific\jaws\6.0\Settings\Enu (where "user" equals the name of the 
computer user.  Thanks.

    It now appears that my original theory regarding the merge utility was 
not entirely correct.  While it is true that I am getting much faster 
response with JAWS after manually configuring my settings as opposed to 
initializing a merge, the problem of a Windows Messenger not being announced 
upon sign in still remained.  This problem and change in behavior exhibited 
itself when my JAWS verbosity was set to advanced and item 12 in the 
advanced preferences setting (JAWS Messages) was unchecked.  I found that, 
so long as this box was unchecked in the verbosity settings, I would get the 
following response from the press of shift+alt+f12 while in Windows 
Mesenger...one press of shift+alt+f12 and nothing was said.  Two quick 
presses of shift+alt+f12 and still nothing was said.  After pressing 
shift+alt+f12 twice quickly, and then pressing it again only once, I heard, 
"Contacts will not be announced when they sign in.  To enable this feature, 
click this hot key twice.".  However, pressing this hot key twice produced 
no announcement; and, JAWS was still not announcing names of contacts who 
signed in.  Checking the "JAWS Message" item in the advanced verbosity 
settings changes this behavior in the following way:  After making the 
change, and while in Windows Messenger, press shift+alt+f12 once produces 
the message, "no contact has signed in sense you last started JAWS." or 
else, if a contact has signed in, you're given this information.  Pressing 
shift+alt+f12 twice quickly produces the message, "contacts will not be 
announced when they sign in."   Another press twice quickly of shift+alt+f12 
produces the message, "Contacts will be announced when they sign in.  The 
only conclusion I can come to is that there must be some  flaw in the 
scripts for either msn or in the default.jss.  Further experimentation 
reveals that replacement of the scripts for msn which are found in JAWS 
version 6 with those found in JAWS version 5.1 also can be used to correct 
this issue.  One final thing regarding this matter.  IF the scripts for 
msn.jss found in JAWS version 6 are replaced with those in JAWS version 5.1, 
the behavior I described with the JAWS Message" checked in the advanced 
verbosity settings is still the case, but with the msn.jss meant for JAWS 
5.1 installed instead of those for JAWS 6.0, the JAWS Message option can 
remain unchecked.  IF anything changes, or I find out more, I will let you 

Sincerely Yours,

The Constantly BAREFOOTED

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God Bless President George W Bush
God Bless America
And God Bless Our Troops

    With regard to the repair of JAWS, it seems that manually configuring 
the settings has solved this issue.

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