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  • Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2008 17:59:43 -0400


I'm sure the information bar issue is not related to your video problem.

As for the state of on/off items not being read, it may be that the
state is indicated by a checkmark or some other graphic.  You'll need
some sighted help with this, and then turn on graphics to "all" and see
if you can find some graphics which indicate when an item is selected.
If you can, then try labeling them and see if jaws will speak them as
you arrow up and down.

I have intermittent problems of a very similar nature with jaws, an
nvidia card, and vista.  In that case it just depends on how things are
when I boot; sometimes jaws won't read any of these things we're
discussing, but when I reboot, it then does fine.

FS tech support had me reinstall more than 6 times, under differing
conditions, which made no difference.  I too updated drivers which made
no difference.  They finally said something to me about having problems
with NVidia cards, then they said it shouldn't matter in vista.

I've heard bad things about xp media edition and jaws accessibility, so
you might ask FS tech support if that could be the problem.

Good luck,



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> Hello, all. I just recently purchased a VGA KFA 286GFE8HDFEXX 
> 8600GT RT 
> video
> card to replace an aling MSN 8500 GT video card in my 
> computer system. For
> the most part, everything seems to be working reasonably 
> well, but I am
> experiencing a couple of hopefully minor issues that I am 
> really hoping 
> that someone on this list might be able to assist me in resolving.
> First of all, the essencials regarding my system:
> Abit Quad GT motherboard
> Intel qx6700 processer running at 3.50 ghz
> 4 GB of Kingston 8500 memory
> Windows XP Media Center Edition with Service pack 3.
> Jaws For Windows 9.0 Professional
> Internet Explorer 7.0
> AVG Free Edition Version 8.0
> Windows Defender
> Nvidia drivers which came out in july of 2008
> This problem was drawn to my attention a couple of days ago 
> when I went to 
> the NLS talking books site to pick out some new books. Instead of 
> downloading like normal, I was presented with the information 
> bar and had 
> to
> navigate to that and tell it that it's OK to download the 
> file; I've never
> had to do that with the nls site until now. I went to check if some
> advanced options in IE may have been changed somehow, only to 
> discover that
> JFW no longer reads weather options are on or off; just the 
> option itself.
> For example: disable script debugging; it says that, but not 
> weather it's 
> on or off.
> I was hoping that perhaps someone on this list may have some 
> ideas with 
> regards to what
> could be causing this problem, and how I might go about 
> fixing it. I don't
> know for sure how many other programs are effected by this, 
> but if I try to
> access help for either Internet Explorer or JFW, that doesn't 
> seem to read
> as easily as it should.
> I have double and tripple checked to insure that I am using 
> all recommended 
> display settings for JFW, and so far as I can tell, 
> Everything is as it
> should be in that respect. In fact, absolutely nothing 
> changed after the
> video card was changed; apart from downloading the absolute 
> newest nvidia
> drivers I could find, everything should be exactly as it was 
> prior to the
> card change. I thought the problem was resolved after 
> updating the nvidia
> drivers, but this morning when I turned on my system, I was once again
> unable to discern changes in on or off status for advanced options in
> internet explorer. Not even using the jaws cursor or insert 
> uparrow reads
> the on or off status; it's as if it isn't even on the screen.
> Apart from help and internet explorer, all other software 
> I've had occasion
> to use since the change in video card seems to be reading as 
> expected, but
> I'd really like to resolve this problem so that I can 
> determine what change
> may have been made that is  making me have to click the 
> information bar any
> time I wish to download a file.
> Thank you very much for your time, and I hope that everyone 
> is having a 
> really great day.
> Missy
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