Re: Yahoo messenger and JAWS

  • From: James Dean <professordean@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 10:36:41 -0800

Yahoo messenger works right out of the box if you use Yahoo Messenger version 7 
with JAWS version 7. I use these two programs and Because of the versions I 
use, Yahoo Messenger works grate! I am aware, however, that some people are not 
able to upgrade to JAWS 7 for whatever reason. Thus, I don't know how to help 
them other than say go to and look for the yahoo 
messenger scripts, but they may not work with the latest version of yahoo 
because of the fact that they are old. Thus, you might have to go to and look for Yahoo Messenger version 6.


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  Hi Jim!

  JAWS can work with yahoo Messenger if you have a scripts.  If you are using 
Skype, you can skype me and let me see if I can help you.  I have a Yahoo 
Messenger ID too, if you want.


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