Re: Word-showing paragraph marks

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  • Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 14:32:11 -0500


Which build of JAWS 9.0 are you using?  I have JAWS 9.0.2169.  I turned 
everything having to do with detection on in Verbosity, and the PC cursor still 
won't announce the space and paragraph markers. I also changed to Screen Layout 
from Simple Layout.

I never noticed that this announcement was missing in JAWS 9.0 because I never 
turn these markers on.  As I mentioned in a previous message, I can't get them 
spoken in JAWS 10 with the PC cursor either.

Gary King

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  I can get my jaws 9 to read my word 2003 paragraph marks using pc cursor.  
Could it be because my document presentation is set to screen layout perhaps?  
I didn't play around with all the verbosity options, could it be related to the 
page and section break option, which I also have on?



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    Hi Cher,

    Control+Shift+8 does show the markers, and I can read them with the JAWS 
cursor in both JAWS 9 and JAWS 10 in Word 2003.  However, I can't hear them 
spoken when using the PC cursor in either version.  I didn't find anything in 
the Verbosity menu that would change this behavior.  I still have JAWS 8 on my 
system, and they are spoken with the PC cursor using this JAWS version.

    Gary King

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      Subject: Word-showing paragraph marks

      Hey folks- I can't get the toggle key to work anymore or else I can't get 
JAWS to read the paragraph marks etc.  Is control-shift-8 (on the number row) 
the toggle to switch on/off the space marks and paragraph marks?  The tool bar 
shows that the 'Show All' button is pressed when I do this, but nothing changes 
on the screen.  What am I doing wrong?  Using Word XP/2002 and latest Jaws9.  

      Thanks for any ideas.


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