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  • Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 21:12:35 +0100

Yes, Windows Mail comes with Windows Vista. It seemed alright for the little time I've used it.

However if you use a http mail account such as MSN or hotmail then you will need to find an alternative email client as Windows Mail doesn't support those accounts.

Personally I use Windows Mail Live Desktop, which is a beta version at the moment but I find it quite good. It has quite a bit more functionality than outlook express and incorporates a few things from Outlook which are useful.

JAWS works fine with it, although I have had to label the graphics which represent the envelopes showing a messages is read, unread and has attachments etc. But I was very surprised at how easy that was to do.

I also find though that JAWS doesn't seem to remember some of the settings once I've set them up. If I change application specific setting and go to configuration manager it always asks me to create a new configuration file.

If anybody knows how I can fix that problem I'd be interested to know how because it's annoying have to change things every time. For example using navigation keys when editing a message. By default this is always on, and obviously you can't write a message with these on, so need to turn it off each time.


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Hi friends,

I do understand that Windows mail is going to be the new version or an alternative program of Outlook Express 6.
Is it correct?
I heard it from a friend. I didn't follow the last thread about it.
My questions:
Did someone install it and can he/she describe the program and how does it work for him/her?

2 If someone here has a URL where I can read an article or any other material about that windows mail, I'll be much thankful.

Thanks much and any output is greatly appreciated.


Moti Azrad
Musician & Piano-Tuner
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