Re: Windows Live Assentials with Jaws

  • From: Peter Holdstock <peterholdstock@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 20:47:02 +0100

I find it works pretty well but there are some stupid things which don’t work 
which don’t take long to fix, especially for the experts at FS. I’m sick of 
emailing them to tell them. I’m sure we must have a few FS people on this list 
so I’m surprised things don’t get fed back anyway.


From: Daniel McGee 
Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2011 7:38 PM
To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Subject: Windows Live Assentials with Jaws

Hi list, subject says it all. I would like to see Jaws work better with this 
sweap of programmes as well. Currently I use Live Assentials 2009 and really 
want to use 2011. What I am getting at is that I am really surprise that FS are 
taking so long to getting it to work with Jaws. It's like a microsoft programme 
comes out and it's made accessable 6 months later. And by then another version 
comes out. What I am saying is that one is then left behind if you see what I 
mean. Also it might be that this is the way microsoft is going to go with there 
email client and oother programmes as well. It would be better in my view if FS 
could fix programmes for Blind or Visually inpared people rather than creating 
there own stuff which just makes it more big. Just my own personal view though. 
What do others think?  

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