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Good ideas.

If it happened reasonably frequently I would give this a try and I may give
it a shot anyway. I have a printer and an external keyboard connected via
USB so I will just connect them on the two additional USB ports and see what

I am sure glad I am not dealing with a desktop and upgrading anything.

Thanks for the hints.



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Sounds like you have one or more USB devices that are alternately connecting
during startup to a different address, thereby confusing JAWS. Try running
and rebooting with each one disconnected until you find which is the


Then start trying with that device connected to a different USB port, or
even consider purchasing an external USB hub and connect that device via the
hub, to help isolate addressing changes. 


Just some guesswork ideas at this point.



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Hi All,

Well, somehow good old Microbloat and JAWS 11 seem to occasionally become
very confused and when my HP Pavilion starts up JAWS thinks it needs to be

Absolutely nothing has changed as I had just shut down the HP to get a
"fresh" start.

If I just shut down the HP and start it up again JAWS is all happy and
content with life.

This is garbage because should one accidently hit the "authorize" button
then one of the 3 keys would have been needlessly used.

Anyone one else encounter this problem?

Cy, The Anasazi


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