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What exactly does this have to do with JAWS?

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Not that anything much was revealed that we didn't already know. After reading the CNet interview I'm left with a feeling that Microsoft is in danger of making the same mistake with Windows 7 as it did with Vista: release it on a time driven schedule. Back in 2004 - during the heat of Longhorn's development problems - Bill Gates tried to reassure everyone that the Longhorn release would not become date-driven. In the end it became just that, and Vista shipped
before it was ready.

Microsoft seems to think that it is more important to please its Software Assurance customers with a timely release than it is to make sure the new release is rock solid. Microsoft lost quite a bit of respect in the community, and most of it on account of Vista. If Microsoft wants to win back the respect of its users, it needs to make sure the next Windows release will be ready & rock solid when released.

A quick view of some of the things that were mentioned about Windows 7:
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? Windows 7 will run on the same hardware as Vista.
? Windows 7 will support the same applications and devices as Vista. Windows 7 will ship in both 32 and 64-bit. ? There's no complete kernel re-write. Windows 7 will build on the Windows Server 2008 kernel in the same way that kernel was an evolution of the Vista
? Windows 7 isn't just Windows Vista SP2, but will build on some of Vista's foundations. Memory management, networking, process management, all of the security hardening, will carry forth into Windows of Windows 7's unique features; Pervasive Multi-Touch, a feature that will allow users of the upcoming system to control touch screen-based PCs with your fingers. A simpler version of this feature actually exists in Windows Vista today, but Windows 7 will take this functionality to the next level by providing multi-touch capabilities that will work everywhere in the system.

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