Re: What's happening in this situation?

  • From: "Roy Nickelson" <roylee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 20:52:50 -0500

you are going into home row mode or script utility mode. It is a diferent name 
for the same thing depending on JAWS version.  Because it is happening and you 
aren't sure why I will assume JAWS 10 or earlier.  So when this happens Just do 
JAWSKey+SPACE and JAWS will announce home row off.

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  I'd like to know this too. It happens sometimes with my jaws as well. Full 
lisence and all.

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    Subject: What's happening in this situation?

    Hi list members, every once in a while when I use jaws, the arrow keys say 
something like some characters no characters, all characters.  another way an 
early jaws version would phrase this is Some ansi, most ansi all ansi.  In 
addition to that the tab key says no next window, or no prier window.  I have 
to reboot to correct it What has happened there?  is it a key stroke I maybe 
make by accident?  it happened today and I can't figure out what I may have 
done wrong.  it was just before an unload before the demo timed out and I was 
going to switch to NVDA to continue what I was doing.  Thanks, 

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