Re: Webvisum and Latest Firefox?

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the trick is to just make sure that you go in to options/content and check that 
images are permitted to load automatically.  IF not, Webvisum will not be able 
to decode any captcha images.


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I know that the 3.6 beta version of Mozilla is available for download. Did you 
by any chance download that? Perhaps that might be the issue? I'm working with 
firefox 3.5 still, so I can't speak as to the compatibility of add ons with 





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Hi All,


I updated my Firefox to the latest version on Thursday.  This evening, when I 
attempted to use Webvisum to solve a captia, nothing happened.  I checked for 
updates, and there were none.  I'm freaking out a little bit, as I don't 
understand what the issue is here.  Any suggestions / advice will be 
tremendously appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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