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  • Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 05:12:45 -0400

Hello Tom,
It does happen with or without JFW running, so you might be right about IE 6
being the problem. The difficulty for me there is that I tried IE 7 when it
first came out and it was a nightmare. For instance, I went in and changed
the tab browsing to off and it did not turn off. If The home page would just
load as it does in IE 6, I would be okay with it, but it loads up to those
tabs and I am totally lost.
Take care,

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Hi John,
You wrote:


I am running IE 6 and JFW 8 latest edition on a Windows XP machine and
sighted users of the machine are getting errors on websites such as myspace
having to do with flash players and I have downloaded the latest adobe flash
player and this does not correct the display problems. This happens on more
than one website.
Is this related to the way JFW is configured?
I have a hunch that it might not be JAWS-related.  One way to find out is to
have those people access the sites without JFW loaded.  If the error still
occur, then it may be that the flash player doesn't like running on IE6
because it is optimized to run on IE7.  Just a guess.

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