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Are you able to use the JAWS cursor to navigate around the virtual
keypad or, alternatively, do the numbers appear as buttons in the
buttons list? If you do JAWS CONTROL W it will open the virtual viewer
which is a textual version of everything that JAWS can 'see'. Have a
look at the result - if you can see the numbers in the virtual viewer
then JAWS cursor is a definite possibility.


All the best




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I use the f key to enter the forms field then type or paste the PIN



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        Hello folks, my name is Stefano I live in northern Italy... at
the moment I'm in office, working as administrative employee in the
INAIL institute (national institute for insurance against accidents on
the work and professional illness).

        My problem while using JFW is to have by myself, access to my
private ING Direct account web page.

        After entering client code and date of birth, the system asks to
type the pin by a virtual keyboard... that means to click with the left
mouse button on the numbers shown on the screen.

        Obviously, being the pin code of a bank account a very sensible
datum, I just let my brother to know it. So, after he clicks the digits
of my pin, JFW allows me to view the page by seeing the list of
movements, to transfer founds, consult interests and so on.


        Alternatively I can use the telephone service, provided by an
automatic answering system... but that, just giving the essential


        What can I do when my brother is not here in office, or if I had
necessity to operate on the account from home or elsewhere?


        I heard rumours of blind people worldwide to be able in typing
code on virtual on-screen keyboard.


        Thanks for any reply.






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