Re: Using the Proof Reading Schemes

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  • Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 07:47:09 -0400

Bruce, please give it a break!

You were moderator and now you aren't.

Get over it!

Yours, regardless of how self important it appears is not the only point of 
view or reason for commentary.

Dale Leavens, Cochrane Ontario Canada
Come and meet Aurora, Nakita and Nanook at our polar bear habitat. 
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> And were I the moderator of the list, which I'm not, I would have 
> explained to you that discussing how to use JAWS with these features, 
> including discussing the proofreading scheme, and including how to use the 
> JAWS commands associated with teh grammar checker, is on topic, while 
> whether or not one should use one space or two after a sentence is not. 
> Also, were I moderator, I would point out that thank-yous and me-toos are 
> discouraged.
> Bruce
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