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Correct. I've not had to ever worry about a Captcha when responding to an ad. 
Only when I want to insert an ad of my own.


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  first of all are you trying to answer a add?

  if this is the case then in jaws just hit enter on the add to open it and 
then hit the insert f7 and bring up the list of links and arrow down to mail to 
and the add number will be with this and hit enter and it should open up your 
email client and you should be in the body of the mail and type and hit send. 

  i use craig's list every day with jaws

  if you have any other questions just ask


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  Hi!  If any of you use craigslist for anything, I wonder if you can help?  I 
wanted to reply to a guy who had an old Martin D28 for sale, but when I clicked 
on the "reply to this post" button I couldn't find an edit field in which to 
paste the captcha into.  I'm using firefox with webvism, of course, to get the 
captcha to paste, but with firefox I can't seem to locate the area in which to 
enter it.  If I use internet explorer to go onto CL I can find the edit field, 
but then I can't get the captcha.  Is there some sort of display setting in 
JAWS that needs changing?  

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