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The solution is simple.  If it turns out that Firefox 4 is not accessible, we 
blind users can put pressure on Mozilla and tell them in no uncertain terms 
that we will withhold all financial support for the project until it is made 
accessible.  If their cash pipeline dries up, you'll see how fast they change 
their attitude.


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  Hi Adrian and all,


  Moreover, I was told that WebVisum no more works with Firefox 4. What about 


  Many thanks. Have a nice day. Chris D


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  Hi. Today's Wall Street Journal has an article about version 4 of Firefox 
that is about to be released. Speed and look appear to be the featured 
improvements. But the following passage makes me wonder about accessibility and 
whether screenreader users might be advised to wait before upgrading:


  Gone are the layers of tool bars, status bars, the bookmark bar. Instead 
there is a row of tabs-much like Chrome. Interestingly, Mozilla is sticking to 
the more traditional address box on the left and search box on the right like 
IE and Safari. Chrome has combined the search box and address box into one.  

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