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  • From: "Margaret Thomas" <iluvtoread@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 06:56:31 -0500

Hi All,

    For the benefit of those of us who do not read Braille and who
have to corral sighted assistance, is the ILM CD in the sleeve with
Braille on both the top and bottom of the sleeve with the poor Braille
that has been mentioned so much?  That is, if you hold the envelope
containing the CD's so that the hinge is on your left and the Braille
is on the bottom, and you open the envelope, then the authenticity CD
is on the right hand side?

    I read the FAQ for the ILM version at

and this one isn't covered.


"Chris Skarstad" wrote:

Hi folks

Just wanted to remind folks who downloaded the quella version of JAWS
that you only have a  little while left before you must install the
version of JAWS 6.0 to keep it running.  I've posted instructions
about how
to install it to the list a lot of times, but i imagine we've got new
comers or perhaps you're just really behind in mail and just now
caught up
and aren't sure what to do.

1.  If you have your JAWS 6.0 CD, find your authorization CD and place
in your CD rom drive. You should hear a message saying that you have
this and if you want to install JAWS, put in the program CD and follow

2. Press the enter key and this  message will go away.

3. Find your JAWS program CD and place it in yourCD rom drive.
4. Follow the on screen prompts and install the ILM version of 6.0.
that if you have any settings you made during the time you used the
version of 6.0, that these settings will not be overwritten.

5.  Once JAWS starts again, you will be prompted to activate. So go
and do that.
To activate JAWS, do the following:

1.  Press enter on the next button when the activation screen appears.
2.  You will be prompted with several different ways of activating,
default and recomended choice is  over the internet, so press the next
3.  You will be prompted to enter your 20 digit activation number.
when you put in your activation CD a bit ago? The reason why we did
this is
so that your activation information including 20 digit activation
number is
in your computer's registry where a lot of important information is
So your 20 digit activation code *should* be in the edit box. If it
press the next button. If, for some strange reason it isn't, type it
in to
the edit box and press the next button. Note from my own personal
experience, entering your activation information is the best way to
you get the code right because the braille on the CD sleave leaves a
lot to
be desired.
6.  After you press the next button, you will be told to wait while an
activation code is received.  What's happening here is that the
License Manager ILM is running a check to make sure your 20 digit
authorization number, your cerial number and computer's locking code
match up with their records.  If they all do, an activation code,
which isa
very long number with over a hundred digits is generated, and this is
JAWS is actually activated.  You can now use JAWS as you did before,
this time you won't have to worry about entering anymore information
again.  You are able to remove an authorization, but obviously you
want to unless you absolutely needed to. Hope this information helps
people who just haven't gotten around to upgrading yet. It's a
proseedure and you'll find it very easy if you follow the simple
instructions I outlined here.

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