RE: Then which Ghost version is best used with JAWS?

  • From: Bill <>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 15:35:08 -0500

their are 3 steps to using ghost.

assuming your using ghost 2003 and ghost 9.

stepone, backing up in windows.
both ghost 2003 and ghost nine perform this task in windows for speech users.
ghost nine is faster but i have to wonder if this addedspeed is not due to 
it making a true copy, an exact image.

translation can it backup the jfw key in ghost nine?

step 2 restoring in windows.

if you can get into windows ghost 2003 can do a restore with speech, not 
used ghost nine so not sure if it can do so here but suspect the answer is yes.

step 3 restoring from a boot floppy or cd rom.

one uses step 3 when windows gets so corrupted  your computer will not boot 
into windows or into windows safe mode.

in the case of ghost  2003 you can use a floppy and ghost nine will require 
a cd rom to perform this task.

thats because ghost nine will take about 3 minutes to install a mini 
version of windows so the sighted end user can then install the back up.
windows will not fit onto a floppy so ghost nine requires a cd rom for this 

that version of windows that ghost nine loads will not include your sound 
card drivers.

so no speech.

ghost 2003 can boot off the smaller dos floppy because dos fits easily onto 
the floppy disk and from that you can launch a command that will restore a 
stable version of windows that you backed up earlier.

all you need to remember is the name of the batch file you created, type it 
in and press enter.

so no speech needed to do an emergency restoration in ghost 2003.

by the way if you can perform step 2 in ghost nine then both ghost 2003 and 
ghost nine are better than system restore.

ghost nine also can do incremental backups.


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