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  • From: "Richard Sherman" <squirman@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 16:25:15 -0700

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for the info.

I now have more questions for anyone who can answer them:

1. Let say I have application A. I want to navigate it better. How do I know 
whether scripts are available or just have to navigate using the different 

2. I currently have version 7 and want some scripts for a particular 
application. Only I can find scripts written for version 6.x. Will those 
scripts work? Or what if the scripts are written for an earlier version of 
the particular application? Any problems there?

Would whomever posted really good instructions on how to recompile scripts 
please repost them again? I thought I saved them but can't find them.

Thanks for all the help.

Rich Sherman

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  Sometimes  scripts are necessary for a Jaws user to gain any access to 
certain parts of a program while at other times some scripts work to make 
access more convenient. By way of an example, at home, I have a file 
sharing program with tabs up near the title bar such as you would see in a 
multi-page dialogue box. These tabs are completely accessible without 
scripts but to get at them I must use the Jaws curser and left mouse key to 
click and activate  them.
    When I got and installed scripts for the program they made the 
control-+tab functionality that didn't work before available.


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    Subject: The skinny on scripts

    I am kind of knowledgeable about scripts but have a few questions. :

    As far as I know scripts are code or strings of test that tell certain 
keys to function in a certain way for a particular application. Is this a 
fair assumption?

    Also, how can a person know whether a script is necessary or just 
changing the cursor or navigating in a different manner is necessary?

    Any other information about scripts is greatly appreciated.


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