RE: Suggestion for Freedom Scientific's Marketing Department

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Hi Gary,
Excellent cartoon! This represents current situation of assistive technology
industry, especially companies like serotek and other companies are
overshadowed by a huge shark named FS. This is evident in screen reader
business. I have another cartoon of my own:
A   table called "assistive technology" is situated at a room and three
people are sitted at the table. One has  a pair of glasses; the second holds
a USB stick with the words "Key to freedom"; the third man holds a cD with
the words "JAWS is the way." All of them are arguing over who is the best
describer. The man with the cD says, "Well, I have been around longer, so I
have more experiences." The man with the glasses says, "NO, Mr. JAWS, I have
better quality than you." the third man with the USB stick yells, "All
right! I am going to do something about Mr. JAWS; how about if I call myself
Freedom?" Mr. JAWS yells and tries to grab the USB stick from the second
man; he says, "How dare you take ownership of my family? I am going to sue
you because you are about to ruin me!"
As the above cartoon shows, the man with the glasses represents GW Micro and
window-Eyes, the man with the USB stikc represents Serotek with Freedom box,
and the third man represents freedom Scientific with JAWS for Windows. The
action that the third man is about to do represents current lawsuit and
current situation right now.
Joseph p.S. Sorry for the off-topic cartoon, folks (please do not be


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Cartoon with descriptive captions:
a Small fish representing Serotek swimming along with other larger fish in
the assistive technology pond, each representing companies in the industry,
about to be devoured by a huge shark with open jaws!
Gary King

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