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  • Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 17:03:49 -0800

Here is just one reply I have gotten.

Goldwave would probably be the best choice for that in my opinion. Totaly 
recorder is technically better, but it uses a sound driver of its own while 
it's running, so you can't run a screenreader unless you either have two 
soundcards, or an external audio device. You can use the What you Hear, or 
stereo mixing feature of your soundcard in conjunction with goldwave to 
capture all the audio you ever need. Haha. Goldwave can be found at

I personally don't have goldwave so I cannot help you passed what is posted 
here. If I do go this route I will be back with questions.

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  Good, so far. But justt how do I capture the streaming program on my PC?
  Thanks, in advance.

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