Strange Things when reading PDF files

  • From: Parham Doustdar <parham90@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 15:12:08 +0330

Hi there,
I have seen this over and over. There are small boxes sometimes, not in story books, but rather in theory books (such as the books in the For Dummies series (E.G. programming in C++ for dummies, for dummies) and the Idiot's Guide to whatever books) that make a line break up. Let me paste a bit of a book called the Complete Idiot's guide to Yoga that I found lying around. See?
Yoga is great for teenagers, who
enjoy increased health and a vibrant sense of well-
already tend to be strong, flexi
ble, and energetic. Teenagers are
frequently surprised at how challenging
yoga can be. The mental
Yoga vs. Other Exercise
focus, physical control, and spiri-
Most Western forms of exercise emphasize stress tual development that come
on the muscles combined with quick, harsh move-along with yoga are wonderful ments. Yoga avoids such movements, which tend therapies for adolescents whose to trigger lactic acid production in muscle fibers, hormones are raging and who leading to pain. In addition, yoga’s emphasis on may feel depressed, out of con- breathing delivers more oxygen to muscles to fur-trol, or angry, without knowing
ther lessen the effects of lactic acid production. why.
You needn’t give up your favorite sport, however.
As you see, lines seem to get cut off, and you seem to have two things talked about in one line. Is there a way to split these two, such as a table-like structure one could navigate?
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