RE: Stay away from JAWS 5.0 and 5.1.

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This makes at least two of us!  I have an upgrade available for 6.0, but
because of the new ilm scheme, am reluctant to do it..  My version of 5.1
works fine with win xp running service pack 2.


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Maybe I'm missing something, but I have used JAWS 5.1 with xp sp 2 with no

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        Hi all. I found out something yesterday that I think all JAWS users
should be aware of. If you are thinking of installing JAWS 5.0 or 5.1 on a
Windows XP machine, don't do it! You'll need sighted assistance to fix it
like I did. What happened is that Freedom scientific changed the way JAWS
hooks to the screen. The only way you should try to install JAWS 5.0/5.1 is
if you have at least version 6 of JAWS on your system, and do not remove the
shared components. Even then, I wouldn't recommend it. In order to fix it,
buy the way, you have to either do a system restore or boot the computer in
to safe mode and remove the jhook file. Either way, you have to boot the PC
up in to Safe mode because the computer can't display in normal mode. I
don't know if this is true on all windows systems, but on my Windows XP
Service Pack 2 machine it most certainly was!
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