Re: Spy Sweeper

  • From: Ann Byrne <annakb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 22:23:19 -0600

First, turn off the stinkin graphics!  For me at least, they just get in 
the way.

I haven't used SpySweeper in a couple of months, but I think there were 
three (probably) frames on the screen.  In order to scan the PC you have to 
click something that says you're going to use it, then tab till you get to 
a start button.  It's a two part start.

SpySweeper lists the bad stuff in a window JAWS doesn't recognize very 
well.  Reclassing it to listview helps a lot.

When the scan is finished  the bottom of the screen gives you choices of 
deleting and quarantining.  I fought the sucker tooth and nail till it said 
delete.  I think you have to click something (results, maybe) before you 
can delete anything.

The PCCursor gets stuck in each frame, but you can move among the frames 
with the JAWS cursor.

SpySweeper was very highly rated on the spyware removal sites I looked at, 
but a real pain in the neck to use.

good luck.


Good luck!

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