RE: Sound programs that would be good with screen readers

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     I had a little bit of a problem with Audosity.  I think I might go
with the Sonar program.

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Hi Carol,

I'm really interested in some sort of multi-track recording software,
too, and have investigated this a little bit.  In addition to Sonar and
the other programs that have been mentioned, there's also one called
Audacity which is supposed to work okay.


Be forewarned, though, that obtaining and installing accessible
recording software is only part of the battle.  If you have a modern PC
which has its sound chips built into its motherboard, or if you use a
cheap sound card which has no real processing power, you will run into a
serious problem while attempting to record, as I have.  The problem is
called latency.  

When the latency problem rears its ugly head, as it no doubt will,
you'll find that there's a significant delay between the instant when a
note is played or sung and when you actually hear it through your
headphones or speakers.  On my system, the delay is at least a
half-second or more.  Even if you decide not to monitor your recording,
you will run into it again when laying down the second and subsequent
tracks, and it's going to be a real bear to synchronize everything.  Ask
any serious recording enthusiast who uses a computer-based setup and
you'll be told in no uncertain terms that the only practical ways around
the latency issue involve installing and using a high-end sound card
with multiple inputs and outputs, and a serious tune-up session to
reduce the number of running background processes in order to further
reduce the load on the computer's processor.  


That's about all I can tell you since that's what I've gathered so far
in my research into this, and I don't want to stray further off topic
than I already have and arouse the ire of the list moderator.   


Good luck with this.  Write me off-list if you get up and running. I
want to hear all about your setup.





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