RE: Sorry but lost it!

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  • Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 14:28:45 +0200

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I don't know vista but I will throw in my suggestions anyway.

The best is to create a separate user account for your wife, so when
she wants to use the computer, just log out and let her log in with her
user name. That's the best way  of ensuring jaws won't  disturb her.

Sorry I don't' know how to create a user account but I know it can be

Otherwise hit insert+f4 and enter. If she  finished, hit your shortcut
key which you have set such as control+alt+j.

To put jaws in sleep mode, you go into configuration manager with
insert+f6. but this is only if you want jaws not to speak in a certain
program. So in that program load the configuration manager,  hit alt+s
and go to advanced options.

Select the  checkbox: sleep mode. hth



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Hi  Simple query I hope but have totally forgotten how to put "Jaws",
into sleep or mute mode, or however it is put, as if the option is there
it is hiding from me in the various "Jaws", menus and as no "mute"
button anywhere I can find!  My wife hates using the PC  with my Jaws
working and other then unloading how can I put the bugger off whilst she
uses the computer?  Oh using the latest Beta version as new PC which has
"Vista", on it, which at mo is driving me nuts!





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