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Hi Katherine,
Nothing posted on the internet is secure :)
Take care,

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Oh, no, I was shocked to find a message there at all.  It never dawned on me
that list messages would appear on a search engine.  I guess I just assumed
they were secure.

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Everyone who posts to this list needs to be aware that every message here
can be found on google and, as you just learned, other search engines.
Owners of lists like this one might consider adding a disclosure to this
effect when people subscribe.
If you're asking why more of your messages don't appear on MSN, try a
searching your name on Google.

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I received an e-mail about fishing and in it, the suggestion was made to do
a search on yourself.
I did this on MSN and imagine my surprise when it turned up messages from
this list.  The thread was regarding how to stop Jaws from speaking during a
pod cast.  It included messages from myself and Wanda.
Is there an explanation for this?  I keep everything updated and do regular
computer maintenance.  That was the only information that the search turned

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