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Thanks for the message. Yes, I think my pC is fast enough for most pages but 
certain sites still don't seem to work correctly and I think it's mostly 
because of scripts and flash content. Sometimes IE warns you when a script is 
having problems, but by then Jaws has often already stopped working.

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  I use JAWS 11, and my OS is XP, like yours.

  You mention speed. I suspect at least four elements determine a browser's 
speed: the browser itself, the ISP, JAWS and your computer's processor. My 
first experience with Firefox was also unfavorable,but then Firefox became both 
accessible and faster on my system. However, the speed advantage for me has 
gone back to IE8. The change I made that you don't appear to have is switching 
ISPs, but perhaps there is some other factor at work.

  I have solved my IE crashing problem by being careful to limit the number of 
IE pages I have open  at any one time. My system doesn't crash when there are 
two, three or even four pages open, but at some point after that things fall 

  I find I use Firefox when IE8 doesn't do what I need. Yadiel alerted you to 
Webvisum, which is the single best reason to use Firefox. It solves the CAPTIA 
problem that bedevils the online experience of visually impaired computer users.

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  Hello everyone,

  So I'm pretty sick of Internet Explorer and its foolish foibles. I'd like to 
get on board with Firefox at last, but the last time I attempted this with JFW 
was years ago, and it simply didn't work very satisfactorily.

  Now I have Jaws 11 and windows XP, and I'd like to ask you folks what the 
latest version of Firefox I can use might be that will work pleasantly with my 
Jaws version. I'd also like to know:

  If the programme generally works smoothly and has scripts designed comparably 
to the Explorer ones, so that it works efficiently with Jaws
  Whether the programme crashes frequently, like Explorer seems to do on 
"fancy" pages
  If there are any add-ons or plug-ins that you people use and find worthy that 
I might also try. I know of Noscript and I think I'll definitely be getting 
that one.

  ANy thoughts? Recommendations?



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