RE: Skype with Jaws 5.10

  • From: "Jim Grimsby" <jimgrims@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 09:54:54 -0800

msn 7.5 will not work with jaws 5.1 
if you have windows xp you can use windows messenger 4.7 with jaws 5.1
with no problems.

jim grimsby
msn: jim.grimsby@xxxxxxx
email:  jimgrims@xxxxxxxxxxx
skype: jim.grimsby 

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Hello again!
I am going to install MSN Messanger also this afternoon because my
cousin in Spain has that instead instead of Skype. Does that work with
Jaws also? Any instructions/keystrokes?
Cheers, Andrew.

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Hello Andrew!

yes, there is a series of key stroke.  Can ask you what version of Skype
are you using and the Revision of scrips are you sung?
Our Internet Gateway protects
RCZ Enterprise and
INTRACOM Philippines

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Subject: Skype with Jaws 5.10

Dear list:
I have read some of your messages and I have just installed Skype. I
wonder if there are any keystrokes I would be able to use to add
contacts and any instructions about that.
Also, how do I create a conference call between more than one person, I
think that is what it is...
If this is not a Jaws issue, please write to me at

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