RE: Skype, scripts, and tutorials?

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I have Skype 4.2 running on an Acer netbook Windows XP with Jaws 11 without


Here are a few of the useful keystrokes:

1.       Alt plus 1 takes you to the contact list

2.        Alt plus 2 focuses on the list of conversations

3.        Alt plus 3 changes focus to the history


If you need further assistance, let me know.


There are scripts available as well. 


Richard P. Kelly



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Hello everyone,


In the next few days, I will need to be using Skype and need to know the

I have JAWS 10 and wonder what version I need that would be the friendliest.

Also, are there scripts I need to load?

I am using it on a netbook with Windows XP, a builtin webcam and microphone.

I'll be doing lessons where I will need to be seen as well.


Finally, are there any tutorials I can get to learn to best use this?





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