Re: Should I upgrade to Jaws 11?

  • From: "Dave Carlson" <dgcarlson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 06:07:50 -0700

Same here from me using Outlook 2007. I think that JAWS in general has problems 
with Outlook 2007, as even back to JAWS 9 I have had issues with the Outlook 
2007 calendar sometimes crashing.

The crashing of the calendar continues with JAWS 11 and in addition, JAWS 11 is 
very fragile when creating a new message or replying to messages.  I have had 
several crash sessions. I also note that the spell-checker in Outlook 2007 is 
very hesitant and slow, much more so than JAWS 9.

All said, JAWS 11 is apparently more unstable with Outlook 2007 than with any 
other application.

BTW, using 11.0.1430.


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  I'm using Jaws 11 on my Dell home PC running XP Pro and on my Toshiba laptop 
running Windows 7 Home Premium.  In both cases, I've got pplenty of processor 
power and lots of RAM. Jaws 11 is running just fine.  

  On the other hand, I am experiencing problems on my work machine running XP 
Pro.  It's a Gateway with a slower processor and only a gig of RAM. On this 
machine, Jaws gets sluggish or goes quiet while I'm in Word or Outlook 2007. I 
don't necessarily blame it on JAWS 11, though. I think the Office 2007 and JAWS 
11 combination is more than that system can comfortably handle. 


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