Re: Seeking JAWS Documentation to Help Sighted Instructor Learn

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It would be best to teach basic windows keyboard commands rather than screen 
reader specific commands.  Because the students would be able to use any screen 
reader rather than being tied to Jaws.  Should they encounter a computer which 
uses another screen reader they would be able to use it.    Jaws itself has 
tutorials built in to it.  I have never used these so I can't tell you how good 
they are.  But, there is a fine lady who teaches screen reading.  She 
integrates windows screen reading commands with the instruction of the two 
major screen reading commands.  Her web site is
She sells tutorials.  They are very fine as well.  She has certified 
instructors whom  she trained which can be gotten should your friend need 
further assistance.

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  Learn basic keyboard shortcuts specific to Windows OS

  Get familiar with the JAWS numPad keystrokes / commands

  Also, Internet Explorer and Firefox have a lot of specific keystrokes that 
are essential to learn for effective browsing (These can be explored with 
keyboard help on)




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  Our Seniors Program Manager, who is new to the Chicago Lighthouse and 
sighted,  wants to be able to learn enough about JAWS so she can teach at least 
the basics of how to use it to go on the internet, get e-mail, and use 
Microsoft Word.  What documentation would people recommend she study to learn 
JAWS, especially the keyboard commands?  I've shown her how to use insert-1 to 
toggle on and off keyboard help, and how to use insert-W in any program to get 
a list of keyboard shortcuts.  Any other ideas or documentation suggestions?





  Ray Campbell, Instructor, Seniors Program

  Chicago Lighthouse for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

  312.666.1331 Ext. 3083




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