Re: Secure and Compatible Braille Display Initiative

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  • Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 04:27:22 +0100

well, I guess my main question was do yo uthink that I can be sure that if I 
buy I braille display which is not freedom scientific product that it will work 
well with new versions of jaws 3 years down the road? For instance as far as I 
know the brailliant braillle display does not have certified 64 bit windows 
version, so if they have this problem now, what about 3 yeears down the road? 
Similar thing can happened to other braile displays, so one day we can wake up 
and find out that braille displays like alva and otheers aree just peace of 
junk becaausse they are not working properly any more.

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> It's possible, though it doesn't seem likely.  Their video intercept
> has been remarkably stable (as witnessed by the fact that it works
> across versions).
> I do believe this is an honest effort on the part of FS.  Poor driver
> quality has been one of the major factors in the instability of
> windows over the years, forcing improvements in driver quality is a
> Good Thing.
> On 1/25/10, Zdenek Vopat <zdenekvopat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello listers:
>> this is what I found at:
>> "(St. Petersburg, Florida - August 11, 2009) - Freedom Scientific, one of
>> the leading providers of assistive technology for people who are blind,
>> announced its Secure and Compatible Braille Display Initiative today.
>> The goal of this new program is to follow Microsoft's move to signed drivers
>> to improve security and compatibility for customers who use a Braille
>> display with JAWS. Under this program, Freedom Scientific will test Braille
>> displays to ensure compatibility with JAWS and then digitally sign the
>> driver. Starting with the JAWS 11 release later this year, only drivers that
>> have been digitally signed by Freedom Scientific will work with JAWS."...
>> "For those currently using JAWS with 32-bit Microsoft Windows® and a Braille
>> display whose driver was included in a previous English version of JAWS,
>> there will be no change. Freedom Scientific will include signed versions of
>> all those 32-bit drivers in JAWS 11. If you have questions about your
>> Braille display, please call Freedom Scientific technical support.
>> However, all Braille display manufacturers will need to develop new 64-bit
>> drivers to support 64-bit Microsoft Windows - most new computers now come
>> with 64-bit Microsoft Windows preinstalled. To support this effort, Freedom
>> Scientific created the Secure and Compatible Braille Display Program. The
>> program provides a driver development kit for third party Braille display
>> manufacturers and a test suite that Freedom Scientific will use to ensure
>> compatibility with JAWS before digitally signing the driver.
>> "
>> My queestion is:
>> Is there a danger that the braille display provider will need to develope
>> this new drivers every time that new version of jaws will be released and
>> ask the freedom scientific to certify them which may significantly delay the
>> release of the driver for the market? So in reality braille displays other
>> than freedom scientific focus may be release with a great delay after new
>> release of jaws or not released at all, simply because the manufactores
>> won't be  able to catch up with the development?
>> I am asking this question because I am considering which braille display to
>> buy, and I don't like the idea that I would have to wait let us say 6 months
>> after each new release of jaws to upgrade.
>> Your answers are greatly appreciated?
>> Sincerely,
>> Zdenek
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