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I do not use OE but outlook and in settings there is an option to archive
messages that have been saved for some time. Maybe this is what happens to
your old messages in OE as well?. Means they will get send to an archive
folder, not lost but just relocated. Just an idea.



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I'm not sure what to tell you .I just checked my folders and I have mail
from over a year ago.

I've allowed the compactor to run several times since this those messages
were saved.

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Hi listers.  What is the maximum number of messages that can be safely saved
in a user-defined Outlook Express folder?  The reason I am asking this
question is that I just noticed that some of the earliest messages in my
largest user-defined OE folders have inexplicably disappeared.  Are messages
automatically deleted from a folder if it has grown too large?  Or are
messages deleted after they have been saved for a certain period of time?
Could the Compact All Folders function possibly delete the oldest messages
from some folders?  Or am I way off base?  Thanks for any explanation.  



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