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Hi I read your Post with interest, do you mean using Outlook express and
having created subfolders some  vanished? I wonder how long ago that was,
you see OE, I think depending on its date example like
2002 has a limited storage capacity, and if like me you are a natural
if you exceed the quota allowed,the content of the Email can
vanish,I am not sure if the storage in OE is 2 Gb in total but I think  it
could be  the amount in each folder,if one has a lot of attachments or  long
emails it may use up its
ration it did happen to me once, I could see the
name of the email but once opened nothing,a person I knew came over and did a system restore, he said he had researched it on Microsoft,he also said
deleting temporary folders would be a fix, in my case I cannot say the
oldest vanished the whole lot did. The reason i remember is the visitor was
supposed to be reading my  engineers reports,   being sent from a local
Church as a Good will gesture, in conversation he said he was"a code writer,
I mentioned Jaws used Unicode, being curious he asked if I knew  how to type
a pathway to the source of a folder and he used oE,as example. I noticed
after he left all emails were empty so I doubt this  really answers your
question, but be careful of tinkering visitors who claim to be
knowledgeable If any person can research storage capacity in oE I would be grateful I know Ms outlook using Pst has more Dorothy.
Hi listers.  What is the maximum number of messages that can be safely saved
in a user-defined Outlook Express folder?  The reason I am asking this
question is that I just noticed that some of the earliest messages in my
largest user-defined OE folders have inexplicably disappeared.  Are messages
automatically deleted from a folder if it has grown too large?  Or are
messages deleted after they have been saved for a certain period of time?
Could the Compact All Folders function possibly delete the oldest messages
from some folders?  Or am I way off base?  Thanks for any explanation.


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