RE: SMA redux: you better hurry

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  • Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 20:18:31 -0500

Thank you for telling me how to find out how many SMAs I have left.  I had
forgotten how to do that.  I have one left.
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Deb and Banff



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Insert J and then A as in about. If it's too fast you can virtualize the
window with insert, windows key and W as in weird.

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I'd like to ask about moving to the full version of JFW from the beta
version, and how you know the status of your SMA. I've never used a beta
version before. I assumed once the full version came out and I installed it,
I would have to put in some sort of code and the wizard would compare that
code to my info at FS and would then deduct this installation from the
upgrades I have left. I thought I'd get some sort of message, in other
words. But when I installed the new version it was just like downloading and
installing one of the beta versions. How do I know the status of my SMA? I
think this was my last upgrade, but I'm not sure.





Houston TX


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You should call FS sales as soon as possible on Monday, October 25, and ask
them. FS hours are: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 7:00 pm. The FS person I
spoke with on Friday, told me that if you currently have no SMA that covers
receiving JFW 12, you would have to purchase a SMA no later than Monday,
October 25. After this date, you would have to buy an upgrade to JFW 12, and
only then could you buy a SMA, which would cover receiving JFW 13 and 14. If
you buy the SMA on Monday, Oct. 25, the SMA will cover getting JFW 12 and
JFW 13.


I don't know why FS told you that you could wait until December 31 to buy a
SMA, but you and I have been given contradictory information, and if you
want to avoid an unpleasant surprise, you should call FS sales
(1-800-444-4443) on Monday.



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