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A good friend of mine, who used to have Jaws run on startup, also uses
Norton anti-Virus. She is using dialup, and she'd often get a conflict
between jfw and Norton's live update, so I showed her how to set up the
hotkey, alt control I to manually start Jaws. I know there is another fix,
but she is not adventurous when it comes to computers, so setting up the
hotkey to run Jaws is in my view, the best way to go in this case. She in
fact doesn't mind having to hit alt control J anymore. I've forgotten the
fix myself, but I have it saved somewhere.


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> Hmmm, I never had a problem with that combo, but my old troublesome dell
> piece of junk, if I had run jaws first checked on that one, it would lock
> the hole machine, I forget what we had to do to get rid of that since it's
> been so long but I know we had to reinstall jaws and make sure I didn't
> check that when I tried it and I tried it again later down the road as I
> learned tricks here and there and it did the same thing.

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